Master Graduation Thesis : Rotating plug-in apartment in Shanghai ( Individual Work)
Elop 6 @ Stanford Research Park (Group work)
Elop 6 Introduction Video (other's work)
Translator of Steven Holl's book (Individual Work)
unexpected matereality workshop 2014 (Group Work)
Augmented Istanbul (Individual Work)
Architecture preservation for family tomb in tomba brion (Group Work)
EXPO 2015 Performance Center (Group Work)
Cascina Merlata Replanning (Group Work)
Pesaro music performance center (Group Work)
Bachelor Graduation Thesis (highest score):Urban city being - urban complex design (Individual Work)
Urban Design of the Renainssance Town Sabbionate (Group Work)
A bridge too far - WUZHI bridge project (Group Work)
Electronic Pump up Station (Individual Work)
Real and Virtual Chatting Room (Individual Work)
Istanbul workshop poster (Individual Work)
Watercolour Painting (Individual Work)
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